《小婦人》才上映不久,Timothée Chalamet又將出演傳奇音樂人

      《小婦人》才上映不久,Timothée Chalamet又將出演傳奇音樂人


      憑藉電影《以你的名字呼喚我》(Call Me by Your Name) 提名奧斯卡金像獎最佳男主角獎、成為備受賞識的荷里活男演員的Timothée Chalamet,最近又因出演《小婦人》(Little Women)中四姊妹好友Laurie一角而再現人前,對於一個年僅24歲的新晉演員而言,他在影壇的成績已是相當不俗,如今他再下一城,有望出演音樂界傳奇人物Bob Dylan。

      Bob Dylan是美國創作歌手,被廣泛認為是60年代美國新興反叛文化的代言人,電影名為《Going Electric》,由執導過《Logan》的美國導演James Mangold執導,將會集中記錄Dylan從民謠歌手轉變到搖滾歌手的歷程,當年他發表了長達六分鐘的單曲《像一塊滾石》(Like a Rolling Stone),改變了流行音樂的傳統分類,但他也曾因使用了搖滾元素而受到了民謠運動的批評。

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      —☮︎ & ♡ timmy!! happy 24th birthday! thank you for completely changing my life. you’re one of the greatest, sweetest, most beautiful people i’ve ever known. the day i discovered you will be a day i remember forever. you truly are one of the greatest actors of this generation; your talent is endless! you inspire me each and every day to constantly do and be better. you’ve helped me through so many dark times, just by being you. you are absolutely a light in this dark world; in my life. you are so so very special, to me and to all of your fans. you deserve an immense amount of happiness and joy and love and all things good. you truly are an angel. you’ve helped me to understand who i truly am and who i want to be. the world doesn’t seem so dark now that i know you exist. i love you more than i could ever comprehend. thank you for everything. i hope you have the greatest, most beautiful day! 💌♥️🥰 ____________________________________________________________ •hashtags• #timotheechalamet #timothéechalamet #callmebyyourname #cmbyn #cmbynfilm #ladybird #elioperlman #elioandoliver @tchalamet #kylescheible #tchalamet #callmebyyournamemovie 🍑

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      這不是Dylan第一次在大銀幕出現,2007年的音樂劇《I’m Not There》也曾出現過同樣的角色,然而要像《Going Electric》一樣貼近傳記的,這次將會是第一次。

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      November 1963. Photograph by Sandy Speiser

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      Timothée Chalamet深邃的眼睛與一頭曲髮,的確與Dylan有幾分相似,是與生俱來的優勢,至於他如何把經典人物的音樂素質淋漓盡致地演繹出來,就是Timothée下一份功課。


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